Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Matt's Beer Den On Hiatus...Kinda

Hey gang,

Yeah, it's really been a while since my last post, and I feel terrible about it.  It's just not right to go more than a week or so without talking about something beer-related.   Even though I haven't really come across anything crazy or exciting beer-wise in the last couple of weeks to gab about, it still feels weird to not post anything.  

Here's what's going down:

Unfortunately, I have to take a bit of a hiatus from the blog, at least for a couple of months.  I'm starting teacher's college in Toronto, which is quite exciting; however, commuting to UofT takes an incredible toll mentally and physically.  In fact I've been so nervous about how getting to and from school was going to work that I've been pretty much off all beer and anxiety-inducing foods for about a week.   I'm enjoying a homebrewed tea ale as we speak, so fortunately I'm back to good on that front.  But the lack of hours in the day from both commute and workload doesn't really give me much time to produce coherent, interesting and researched blog entries, let alone to spend time with loved ones.   I definitely need to devote my full attentions to the task at hand.

So what this means is from now until mid-December, I probably won't post much at all.  It sucks, but those are the breaks.   (I might slip in the odd post if something really crazy or exciting comes around, but no promises!)

In the meantime, keep seeking out those great brews, keep messaging me about exciting brews or bar adventures that you've had, and keep clinking those glasses together.

Cheers to great beers!

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