Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Six more weeks of winter, six more weeks of winter ale!

Beer: St. Peter's Winter Ale
Brewery: St. Peter's (Suffolk, UK)
Type: Winter warmer
ABV: 6.5%

So some stupid ground hog and his buddies decided that there's six more weeks of winter. To hell with him. If it wasn't for that delightful Bill Murray film, I'd swear off Groundhog Day for good. But, "Willie" as he doesn't like to be called (seeing as how he's a groundhog and has no concept of what a 'name' is), reminded me of something; there's still more winter to trudge through, and at the very least, it means more time for drinking winter warmers! Here's another, generously donated by Ned and Leah! Thanks guys
This brew poured a surprisingly dark hue, almost the same colour as a porter or English brown ale. Started off with a thin, cream coloured head, but it didn't last too long. There's a nice ring around the glass, though, which has maintained its composure throughout the session.

I've got a bit of a cold...again...but I can still detect a very bountiful nose, with notes of toffee, caramel, spices, and malts. As the B-52's would say: good stuff. It's not quite hearkening back to Christmases and winters of yore, but it's still very inviting.

The taste is also exceptional. In addition to the notes found in the nose, I also detect a bit of hops towards the back, as well as a slight woody character that reminds me of a fireplace crackling in the night. If there's any beer style that elicits positive memories, it's definitely the winter warmer. The finish is crisp and dry, leaving with a slight chocolate minty effect.

The only negative I've found with the brew is the mouthfeel: it's a bit syrupy and under-carbonated. I think it needs a bit more kick to it to really make the spices and malts pop. As far as the weight goes, it's very similar to an oatmeal stout or a porter.

Certainly a rich and hearty brew for a snowy evening such as this. The ABV is a bit higher, and the thickness of the brew doesn't lend itself well to session drinking. This one is definitely a sipper. Another fine offering from St. Peter's. (Grade: A-)

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