Thursday, November 5, 2009

First Review!

Beer: Corne du Diable
Brewery: Dieu du Ciel (Montreal)
Type: India Pale Ale (IPA)
Serving Style: 341ml bottle

I've been excited to try out a beer from Dieu du Ciel for some time, especially after hearing rave reviews from friends in Montreal, so when the LCBO (finally) brought in a few bottles, I had to snap a few up. Dieu du Ciel (God in Heavens!) has won numerous awards for its line of brews, and have a superb reputation among the online community. Also, as a side note, their bottle design is very attractive, using art and design by local artist Yannich Brosseau.
Unfortunately, given the way craft brews tend to be priced at the LCBO, this one cost about $3 a bottle (only available in singles), so it's a bit expensive.

Appearance: Corne du Diable (Devil's Horn) pours a very nice dark amber, and leaves about a one cm thick white head. Lots of lacing up and down the glass, which is a good sign.
Smell: Very hoppy, with some notes of citrus and a bit of caramel sweetness near the end.

Taste: Like most real IPAs (I'm looking at you, Alexander Keith's!), this brew is incredibly hoppy and bitter. The idea behind the IPA style was that in order for the beer to survive the trip to colonial workers in India and elsewhere, the beer had to be extra flavourful and stronger in alcohol. The result is a sharper, stronger pale ale, which became increasingly popular after American and Canadian craft brewers picked up the style some years back. Corne du Diable is no exception, as it is very bitter and sharp, particularly near the finish. A bit of citrus (grapefruit for me) often is a result of a well-hopped ale. Tasty, but strong.

The Verdict: If you like IPAs and strong ales, as I do, Dieu du Ciel is a good pick up, and worth a try. But I certainly can't see myself drinking too many of these in one evening (which is probably a good thing), and at the price point, it's not something I'll purchase too often. However, if I'm in Quebec and the mood hits be, Corne du Diable is certainly a solid IPA and a fine effort. Can't wait to try more from Dieu du Ciel! (Grade = B+)

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